Thank you for your interest in Henypen Credit Services Limited. We have made it our mission to meet all of your asset investment needs through developing and managing investment trust funds. Since our foundation we have built up the history as an Investment, Trusts and asset management company for years, offering a variety of investment trust funds amidst drastically changing financial markets. This is purely because the continued support of all our customers and partners, and I am deeply grateful to all those who have purchased our products, as well as the companies who have sold our products. With affiliate offices in London, USA, Netherlands, Canada, Turkey, Germany, United Kingdom and Australia, we can accomodate any international request of any kind that does require our services or products.

The management philosophy of Henypen Credit Services Limited is to contribute to society by creation of value, based on our guiding principle. In addition to this management philosophy, our principle at Investment Services Limited is to “Make a Difference.” what we are trying to achieve is to create value that is appreciated by our clients and other stakeholders. Of course, management philosophy by itself cannot create value. Every employee at Henypen Credit Services Limited must understand our client needs, think about what we can do to meet those needs, and strive to make our contribution. Due to changes in the economic policy, the investment environment in Hong-Kong is currently facing a major turning point.

In the wake of growing deflation breakaway prospects, the times are about to change from “asset management centered on deposits and savings” to “asset management involving to hold risk assets.” Besides, the number of people with anxiety for senior life after retirement has been increasing, with continuing historically ultra-low interest rates. In such times, we believe the investment trust fund is going to increase its importance as extremely advantageous financial products. In order to meet the expectations of both investors and sales companies, we are striving to offer customer-orientated services and actively disseminate pertinent information. The goal of Henypen Credit Services Limited is to meet and exceed the investment objective of our clients. Therefore, the services and products we provide are different from, say, a manufacturing firm. It is even more important to focus on "value creation", to continuously enhance our value proposition through providing investment trust products. In that context, our executives and employees work together as one, putting forth all the effort on daily operations. Is this the first time of visiting our website? You can reach us via email or come to our office at Wan Chai Johnston Road, 1509-14 Tai Yay Building, Hong Kong and make enquiries at the front desk.

We look forward to serve all your investment and loan needs. Thank you once again.